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Latest from the Blog

Daily Desi 4

This is a very futile attempt to be regular at giving you a sneak-peak of my life. But all’s well that ends well that ends up with you (Taylor Swift reference). Today, we are actually going to discuss that. No, not only Taylor Swift, but the western forbidden culture that every desi parent was scared… Continue reading Daily Desi 4

Daily Desi 3

It’s been awhile. I know. But you know what they say— “Beta tumhari shaadi hogi ab to“. Yay. You guessed it, ’tis the wedding season. A lot of wedding fall during winters because it’s easy to wear a lehenga that is 2 kgs in weight without sweating 4 litres. And that’s the only reason I… Continue reading Daily Desi 3

Daily Desi 2

Today, we are going to focus on a desi tradition that is somehow still alive. Domestic help. It is beyond me that this culture of having freelancing as domestic help is still very much prevalent and alive in India and some nearby countries. It is very much beyond me that people are so accustomed to… Continue reading Daily Desi 2

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